Thursday, 5 April 2012

A letter to my big toe...

Dear Mega-Toe,

It appears you have a strong gene, as we have come to the conclusion, that not one, but all three, of our children have their very own Mega-Toe.

Of course the FH is a little upset about this, but I suggest we continue as we always have, by ignoring him.

I think during the past nine years we have got very good at it.

I know it hasn't been easy, for you in particular; his constant jibes, his inability to show any affection towards you and that look of disgust that creeps over his face if you got too close to him. But your composure and indifference have been nothing short of admirable.

And for the record Mega-toe, you are not a square. He is completely exaggerating when he says you are as wide as you are high! Granted, you are bigger than the average big toe, but a square you are not.

Anyway, it appears you have got the last laugh as you have made your mark on his offspring. And just think in a few years time, those little Mega-toes will be BIG mega-toes... Bigger than he could ever have imagined... Mwha ha ha ha ha!

Yours lovingly

The rest of me!

NB: I wrote a letter on the blog before here: "Dear Family Car Spaces". However, I have been inspired to write more letters after reading Letters from Ladycurd - they are very funny. Who knows? This may even become a regular feature, but  then again it may not, as I am a lazy-arse after all.


  1. I have two toes joined together on both feet! Slightly freakish. But at least I can swim! Mega toe sounds cool and super herolike.

    1. Yay! A whole family of superhero Mega toes - like The Incredibles. Now where do I get a little red super herosuit for my toe?