Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The 11th of April

It's my birthday! Today I turn 32. I shouldn't be blogging on my birthday; but 2 things are keeping us inside; the April Showers that patter against the window and I'm impatiently awaiting the delivery of my new phone.

So here's my birthday post. Interesting facts about the 11th of April according to me.

  • I like the number 11. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's my favourite number. I like the way it looks, I like that it's two ones together. I just like it
  • I think April is the prettiest name for a month. So much so it was always on my baby girls' names list.
  • The best things happen in spring, including birthdays
  • Nine years ago today the FH asked me out.
  • You can never predict the weather on April the 11th; sometimes we're celebrating in the sun, sometimes in the snow
  • This day nearly always falls in the Easter holidays
  • For 32 years my Mum and Sister have been ensuring I am spoilt rotten on this day.
  • Once in a pub, when it just turned midnight, someone poured a pint over my head. It was deserved.
  • I've only met one other person who shares my birthday
  • If you're born on this day you are an Aries, I am a typical Aries woman. On a good day, positive, friendly and energetic; on a bad, childish, moody and self-absorbed 
  • Last year, on this day, I was pregnant, but had no idea
  • The best birthday party I ever had was when I turned 10! It was a disco, I invited my whole year group, Mum made hotdogs and I rocked it on the dance floor!
  • Between the ages of 17 - 27 I can't really remember what I was doing on this day
  • You are never too old for candles

And finally, my birthday wishes for today are...
  • Not having to change my outfit due to baby sick *looks at little child*
  • Not having to clean up a smashed plate/vase/toy/other breakable item *looks at middle child*
  • Not having to wipe away any tears *looks at biggest child*
  • To bag the lotto jackpot *looks at The FH*
I think I have chosen equally fair challenges for each of them... go forth birthday fairies and make my wishes come true!


  1. What a great post! Birthdays are ace! Happy birthday you! Hope you had a lovely self indulgent day. Wish I could be 32 again. Ahem - I'm 42 at the end of this year! Aries rock! Yes, you are never too old for candles !!!!

  2. Very many happy returns of the day :) Hope you won the lottery, the others are just pipedreams *tuts* x

  3. Happy birthday for last week! I hope the sun shined. I too have a spring birthday and agree the weather tends to be better often than in the height of the summer. I have also had a pint poured over my head, but that wasn't deserved! I have just spotted I am on my blog roll and I'm thoroughly honored, thankyou so much xx

    1. Thank you! I think you should celebrate by writing a post - I love your anecdotes!