Sunday, 29 April 2012

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This weeks is based on phrases that I think people should use more or less.

My Dad, apparently sourced from here

Love (use more)

1. On any man who is elusively absent-"He's like Willo the Fucking Wisp"

2."What happens in the park, stays at the park" especially comforting after an incident with a runaway buggy... or two!

3. Bianca Butcher (Eastenders) on Olive Oil "What? It costs a fortune  and in the end you can't even taste it?" even though I am a huge fan of Olive Oil, she had a point,

4. "I've just embarrassed myself and I'm not even drunk" The story of my life as tweeted by @Get_mummy_a_gin I wish more people would join in with sober humiliation. It's a lonely place at times.

5. "Amazeballs", well it just is, isn't it?

Hate (use less)

1. Any phrase/update that includes the word "random", including FB photo albums titles

2."Bring it!" yep Jesse J you look like a wanker whenever you say it.

3. Slogans that appear on maternity wear. They are awful and should appear less, this was brilliantly summed up by Glosswatch

"Does my bump look big in this?, Under construction and, of course, the classic Baby on board. God, I feel furious just thinking about them. I hate, hate, hate them. Whose idea was this? Hey, let’s make a joke about the whole idea of “pregnant woman as mere vessel”! Hey, let’s not. Let’s just not."

Her fabulous blog is here:

4."We're in this together"  MPs, especially of the Tory variety, needs to use this less. We are not in this together. There's you, and the lottery winners, up there, living in a bubble outside of reality, There's us, in the middle, who are quite pissed off about our increasing Tesco and petrol bills that are stopping us from spending money on holidays, new clothes and home improvements. And then there's the people below that who are having a REALLY shit time. We're talking breadline. BREADLINE? Remember that from school do you? It was in the history textbooks.

5. "Your back must be killing" or any other negative statement towards carrying a baby in a sling! What is wrong with you people? You act like you are annoyed I am not using a buggy? Would you rather I took up the whole pavement or supermarket aisle with my buggy? Does my space saving baby device irritate you? Or would you prefer him to be lonely and uncomfortable in a pram? Does his contentment push your buttons? His happy face infuriate you? Freaks.

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