Who's who?

Me: Finally writing, after talking about if for the last 17 years... very much enjoying myself and this blog is a lovely distraction from the guilt of not doing housework.

The Future  Husband/ The FH: The man who took seven years to propose and will probably keep me waiting another seven for the wedding. My first and only love, father of my children and a provider of great blog material. Outstanding Teacher, brilliant dad and comic genius in his spare time.

Big Child (Little O): My four year old son, who mastered the English Language at 14 months. Adorable, inquisitive, sensitive and charming.

Middle Child (Fearless): My two year old son, looks angelic, speaks his own language and has no fear at all! Endearing, unpredictable, hilarious and affectionate.

Little Child (The baby): The smiliest best behaved baby you ever did meet. Thrid one's  charm!

Nonna: My Mum, who decided she would be Nonna instead of a Nanna – it’s Italian, which she is not at all, but she does have pink streaks in her hair... or blue... or green. She is our mentor, our foundation, our centre. Creative. generous and eccentric.

Papa Don: My Dad, named so by fearless who is yet to say "Mamma". Finally, coming out of his shell in his later years and up-skittling us all. Introverted, quick-witted and charismatic (on his terms)

Curls: My sister, my best friend... Always. A pint sized beauty with curly black hair and my dad's temper.

Titch: My nephew, who came into the world 3 weeks early weighing 6lb 4 and bowled us all over.

Moneybags: My brother, currently residing on the other side of the world; we all wish he would bloody hurry up and come home. He's not actually rich, but he is th eonly one out of any of us who is good with money. Driven, loyal, laidback and very handsome.

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