Monday, 9 April 2012

The best things in life are... Simple

There are some things in this world, that appear so simple, but really are pure genius. How did we ever cope without them?

So you can keep your iphones, the Internet and Sky+... Here's the best three inventions EVER!

Heinz and their amazing alternatives to the can...

Firstly, both of the following remove the need of a tin opener, even though most brands use that push and pull thing now, I still manage to cock that up on a weekly basis and have to revert to an old school tin opener, which usually results in the F word making an appearance.

The snack pot - so simple, so perfect. Why were they not invented when I was a student? When I was eating for one, mainly from a microwave? However, I can't complain as a parent they have come into their own; perfect for the boys to share, so easy, no mess, minimal washing up, just the right amount, blah, blah, blah, love, love, love.

The plastic jar thing with the lid - you know, the one with the advert where they put baked beans in all sorts of inappropriate containers and the juice dribbles over the edge and makes you feel a little bit sick. Well, beyond that there is a jar with a lid, allowing you to take as much or as little as you need, without having to feel guilty about leaving a half-opened can in the fridge, open to the elements and all sorts of bacteria. Then a week later praying you cook them for long enough to burn off toxins. Or just chucking them, like I do, and starting all over again and constantly having a reminder of how wasteful you are every time you  open the fridge and see decaying bean juice on the crusty can.  This way, you just open the lid, take a spoonful out and screw the lid back on. Simple.

Handles on suitcases...

 Did we really carry suitcases? Did we? Across train stations? Airports? Through hotels? Around cities?Really?

Did That woman at King's Cross, the one in a pencil skirt, once upon time, have to CARRY her over-night case? How did she strut without her extending handle and suitcase wheels? How did she cope?

Baby Wipes...

Ok so as wiping babies' bums go they are pretty good. Let's just say they get the job done. But it's how damn useful they every where else that makes them pure genius. Sometimes I wonder what I did before baby wipes were in my life. W"hat did I use... To get dried red wine off the wooden floor? To take my make-up off? To dust? To get toothpaste off a black top? To clean dog-poo off a shoe? To wipe ice cream off The FH's  shaved head? To clean a muddy slide? Clean the rear-view  mirror? Wipe-clean a birthday card? Clean mascara stained cheeks? Remove something unsightly from a park bench/train seat/cafe table? Use a public lav?

And that was just today, tomorrow there will be another Twenty things I've used baby wipes for.

So, for the love of God, could someone please re-invent the DVD...

DVDs - Invincible huh? Isn't that what the CD and its sister product the DVD were first marketed as? Well, we never needed to replace videos... To date I have replaced 9 Toy Story DVDs. I just have to sneeze near one and it is scratched beyond use. I currently own over 80 children's DVDs that are unusable. Too many, that I can't even face sorting through them to decipher which ones still work. Can we please reinvent the DVD wheel?


  1. Ha Ha...I love your list,so random but so true! Do you know I am the woman who carries her luggage at Kings Cross! - minus the pencil skirt. I so need one of the pull along ones :)

    1. You do... people must look at you and think "Wow she's retro"! thanks for dropping by and commenting!