Friday, 8 April 2011

"You're going to have get better at this Lad..."

These are the words of The Future Husband on our son’s attempt at lying. I have to agree, he is.

  • The Eldest suddenly jumps up from the bedroom floor. I'm sat on the edge of the bed blow- drying my hair, badly. He pulls my arm, he's carrying a red permanent marker pen "Mamma, don't look at the floor. Right over there by the door. Don't look over there on the floor" I turn my head to the designated not-to-look-at area. Wails and tears flood out of him "Mamma No. Promise you won't look at the floor over there."
  • The Day before Mothers; Day, The Future Husband gets The Children dressed. The Eldest comes down stairs, with The Youngest in quick pursuit, "Mamma, the boys are all going to the shops and we can't tell you why?"
  • Later on, my flowers arrive a day early (who's going to pay the extra delivery charge to deliver on a Sunday?), "Oh Thank you" I say kissing the boys. The eldest replies with "There's some chocs in the orange bag, in the cupboard too"
  • Wails and screams summersault  around the house - I enter the living room to see them both sat on the floor , a hand space apart, The Youngest is screaming, The Eldest looks worried.. “What happened?” I ask. 
          "I hit him." He replies .
  •   What’s in your mouth?"  
Choc- ho - late" he answers as it dribbles down his chin
“Who gave it to you?"
"Grandad. He told me not to tell you."

But, hey,  if he doesn't - the teenage years are going to be easy!

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