Sunday, 3 April 2011

Whose day is it?

It's Mothers' day, so I'm sleeping in. We pretty much stick to the rule in our house that the minimum requirement for a lie in is that it lasts till 9am (remember when that was an early start?), anything you get after that is purely down to the genorosity, or guilt, of the early riser. However, today I get woken at 8.50 because The Future Husband wants the kids to give me their cards (the kids really aren't that arsed - let’s be honest).
"10 minutes early" I wail “you’ve ruined my day" - there's nothing like a drama queen.

First thought was I wanted us all to go swimming together, but then remembered you couldn't eat chocolate whilst swimming, and all Mums have got to eat chocolate today, it’s one of my rules. Plus there's only certain days when you want to stink of chlorine, today isn't one. So the bigger boys have gone to the baths, whilst I'm hoping the littlest will have a nap whilst I go round to my Mum's house to do her housework and cook dinner (things which are forbidden to do in my house today, another one of my rules.)

The law, according to me, is Mothers' day includes no housework (in this house anyway) and eating chocolate. Which has left me wide open for The FH to take great pleasure in telling me, every other day of the year: "it's not Mothers' day you know". Hilarious isn't he?

Therefore, I'm not dedicating this blog to my mother, she gets enough mentions anyway, and she'll know how much I love her when I'm cleaning up her rubbish later on. I'm dedicating it to everyone out there who is eating chocolate and not doing housework - go on, you deserve it! And you will deserve it tomorrow, and the next day and the next...

Personally, I am going to take extra pleasure it making FH sit through episodes of 90210 and Glee later on too - punishment for waking me up 10 minutes early!

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