Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Favourite American

More and more, I've discovered my blog reading list has to make room for American bloggers (in the future they'll write about it as The American Invasion). I seem to be attracted to their humour - and when I think about it I do get hooked on American TV shows very easily. But a note to all American bloggers, script writers and authors, the spot for my favourite American has already been filled.

The story begins with a package holiday to the Caribbean (this was a time before The Engagement and The Children). The Future Husband and I stumbled across the all-inclusive late night bar (alright, we had it ear marked), where we sat and supped cold unbranded beers from plastic glasses.  We were joined by a young American teen, who had purposely lost his parents and was a bit pissed (how he had managed it we'll never know- we tried for two weeks and felt nothing but gas). We're not sure if it was because he was drunk, or we were British, that he spoke to us as extra-terrestrial beings who were hard of hearing, but it was a little bit annoying, being patronised by a drunk, 14 year old.

The Future Husband, having taught PE and worked in America, is brilliant at humouring all males and Americans - so immediately they found some common ground. I sat on the peripheral, listening.

They established his sport was wrestling, some other facts about tournaments, weight and strengths that will forever escape me, but this is the bit I remember. The bit I liked.

"Yeah I got all the way to the regionals man. It was awesome, I was, like, the most popular kid in school... but ..." he pauses, looks down shaking his head "...I lost man." he looked up to see that the British man, who knew about American sport, was empathising with his pain "Yeah Man - to Booby Mills" Then he remembered who he was talking to and felt an explanation was needed "he was black".

I don't know if it was an excuse for the loss (it's ok in wrestling to lose to someone who is black?) or an explanation, to us Brits, of a black American's name, but it was enough for us to remember Booby Mills forever and be thankful that he kicked that obnoxious white boy's ass!

Booby Mills - my favourite American of all time.

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