Sunday, 17 July 2011

Planning a camping trip.

1) Rain, rain, go away fuck off!
2) DS lite/Netbook  (My argument to camp was that we'd be outdoors and way from TV/Laptop so I guess these aren't coming)
3) Print off directions to all local indoor play areas
4) Work out how to make toast on a camping stove. (Toast is one of 2 year olds 7 word vocab. He will shout it louder and louder till he gets it)
5) Bastite dry shampoo
6)Maternity Camping Clothes. Erm...Consider what items of my wardrobe can be classed as Maternity Camping Clothes.
7) Sow stock cubes, salt and pepper into under garments Gillian Keith style. Or just take them with the kitchen stuff.
8) Notepad (aka diary) for scribbling blog ideas
9) Work out what you can do on campsite if child wakes at 5.30 am
10) Reconsider taking Netbook/DS

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