Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Idiosyncrasies? What idosyncrasies?

Before we had children The FH declared he was not a 'weerdo' and had no 'weirdo habits'. He was referring to what I fondly call my idiosyncrasies. "Go on then" he demanded "What do I that is weird?" Four years later and I am yet to challenge him on this. He doesn't even have a "side of the bed" we sleep where we land. We're a crazy like that. Sometimes, when I'm searching for sleep, this conversation replays itself in my head - there must be something.  I'm then awake for hours... "You don't like it if I cut your sandwich is half". I'll nudge him awake to tell him.
"That's a preference, not a necessity" he'll murmur through his pillow. It's true, if he was forced to eat triangle sandwiches for the rest of his existence, he wouldn't be broken or any less The FH than he is today.

Me, I'm full of them. They bubble away inside me.

Soggy cereal. I can't eat soggy cereal - it makes me gag. If I do delve into the breakfasting world of cereal (which is rare as I'm a tea and toast girl) then the cereal has to be perfectly placed in the centre (picture a lone Weetabix with a generous  sprinkle of sugar) and the milk has to be dribbled down the edge of the bowl. then it is to be eaten at full speed to ensure minimum sogginess.

Same for soggy bread, soggy toast. *bork* After 8 years, The FH has finally learnt that you do not put the beans on my toast, They are first placed on the plate, and the toast placed around them - NOT touching the beans. If I was given nothing in the mornings but soggy toast and cereal for the rest of my existence, I would be broken. A mere shadow of the woman I am today.

I don't like answering the phone.

I can't clean my teeth last thing at night. It wakes me up. The clean minty freshness contradicts my bedraggled, lethargic persona. It must be done early evening or not at all.

I usually fondle my head in a weird way when I'm nervous. My fondle this means pat, pull, stroke, rub, pick, knead etc. I can't help it. I have no control.

Floaters (in my drink) freak me out.

I pull a funny face and flap my arms like a penguin when I look in a full length mirror. Don't ask. I have no idea.

And there are a hundred more that I can't yet confess to or I am unaware that I do,

The boy's are already starting to emerge. One sucks his bottom lip when he's tired. The other runs with his hands behind his back when he's being disobedient. But The FH - I still have nothing.

What are your idiosyncrasies? Or your other half's? Let me know, I may be missing a trick.

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