Saturday, 2 July 2011


I feel by being pregnant that this blog is in danger of becoming overrun with pregnancy/parenting posts which I made a conscious decision at the start I didn't want to do. This is a space for my scribbles - good or bad - but encompassing all of me, not just the Mum. Therefore I have created another blog, controversial I know, which solely focuses on this aspect Some people have said "I can't wait to read your preggers posts, where others are quietly thinking I'm bored of them already. This blog will continue to run as it always has - with a little bit of everything, so please if you've enjoyed reading so far, please continue - every new follower, or comment really does make me want to burst into song (out of tune of course).  And if you do like the "Mummy Blogs" check out the other site - warning I am little bit more opinionated though, I'm using in it more as a vent of hormones at the moment!

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