Saturday, 17 March 2012


This is my first "regular". When me and my sister were younger, childless and had time to kill (in boring jobs loosely linked to our desired careers), we would email each other lists of the 5 things we loved/hated that day! Back then our boyfriends were usually no 1, because that was how we rolled - all painted nails and gooey texts. Now I'm older, cynical and less needy its a given that the boys and The FH hit the top spot every-time. But my love list will include the 5 things I love beneath my family.

This week,  I...

1. How my eldest had Chicken spots considerately - only 7 spots and never itched once.
2. My Mum and her unwavering support
3."New Girl" (have a bit of a Nick crush too).
4. The Easter Egg aisle at Sainsbury's - makes me dribble a little bit.
5. This blog post by @midwifetomum on smear tests: Pap

1. The Lurgi.In whatever form it comes; its slimy germ ridden fingers grabbing you from behind and taking you down!
2. The phrase "nom nom" to quote a friend on FB: Why would people use 'nom nom' as a phrase for eating? Unless you make that noise when you actually eat in which case, where are your table manners?
3. Hearing a baby cough. Not right.
4.That awkward moment when the delivery man wants to show you a video of his dogs on his iPhone, and you have to politely watch and pretend you are an animal person whilst feeling a little (a lot) uncomfortable about the whole thing.
5. Potty training.


  1. Love these lists you still got it @

  2. the expression "nom" is actually a MASSIVE pet hate of mine.