Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Proposal.

Two years and two months ago The FH proposed (Boxing Day to be precise). It was more like a drunken conversation that got out of hand than an official proposal, but, unfortunately for him, my mother was in the room, so he had to go through with it.* 

Today, we are no nearer to setting a date today than we were the day we met. And with today being the 29th of February, and all about woman being forward, I stuck this on the fridge as a gentle reminder.

Him: Is this you asking like?
Me: No, you already did that. This is me nagging.
Him: Your nagging has got a bit fancy hasn't it?
Me: Well wedding nagging is  a whole new level.

This banter continued till Little O piped up

Little O: If you and Dadda get married who will look after me?
Me: You'll be there
Little O: (pulling a horrified face) I can't be there while you actually get married!

The conversation ended due to a small baby emptying a stomach-ful of milk into my cleavage. But I have actually made a mental note to ask O tomorrow what he actually thinks getting married entails as he may be confusing it with something else. Maybe he's seen something he shouldn't have on the TV and asked the nearest relative "What are that man and woman doing?" and thinking on their feet they've replied "getting married?"

So, it looks like I'm set to continue with the world's longest engagement for a little while longer. I'll just keep pinning wedding ideas on a virtual mood board and, you know, putting the lottery on, and you never know some day... 

I know its great to have a partner you find sexy and I love the fact The FH is confident, funny and a little bit cocky, but I can't help thinking if I'd got one of those boyfriends you can boss about, a quiet one, I'd be married by now!

*Actually, the next morning, when heads were no longer sore, I did get a lovely proposal, but I keep that moment close to my chest. That ones just for me, not for the blog.


  1. Who said romance was dead eh!..You grab the bull by the horns and look what happens. Just book the church he'll have to go through with it then!....good luck :)

  2. This made me laugh so much! Did you ever find out what little O thinks marriage is?

    1. Sadly, his only knowledge of weddings comes from The Royal Wedding, and there fore who was going to look after him whilst we were frolicking round London in an open topped carriage?