Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Over-heard on a hill...

Walking through the woods this weekend I overtook two elderly ladies as they hobbled down the hill, walking sticks shaking against the gravelly path. This is what I over heard one lady say to the other:

"Well, it says on Facebook they are back together!"

Brilliant! Facebook: social networking for the over-70's. I'm off to my Twitter account; that's where the young people hang out!

I like to think they were talking about their peers...

"You know, Jim, who used to work at the corner shop as a delivery man, nice chap, always says hello and Mary, the floozie from the flower shop. Had lots of husbands that one. Well, the other week they were effing and jeffing in the street, pots and pans flying everywhere. We were sure it was all over, but this week they've gone public on FB that they are back together! "in a relationship" it says."

"Eee they're always off and on those two, and, I'll tell you something else, she's always on Facebook, you know, flirting, flirts with everyone on there you know, always "Liking" things. Always. Don't know how she finds the time..."

Or perhaps it was just a glimpse into my own future; but by then we'll be living in houses made out of Facebook and eating Twitter for breakfast!

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