Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A tale of two bombers.

I was all set to write a blog post about the sleepy little seaside town in which I live, but the national press beat me to it... TWICE!

Our little town is very creative; art galleries reign supreme here! I like to think of it as the St Ives of the north.

But being a quirky little town it creates some quirky people - well that's being polite - most of us are bonkers!

We have good bonkers and we have bad bonkers. Which leads me to the title  -'A tale of two bombers'

One is an actual real bomber! In OUR little town? Really? Well, that's what the police thought and the bomb squad, the two helicopters, the special police men that have guns (we had them too) and the huge crowd peering down from behind the red and white tape... it was pretty spectacular stuff! But, alas, the "crazy woman" in a  hijab, with a rucksack, was just a bit confused (we think) and there was no real damage done. Apart from on the likes of facebook where facebook morans were posting things like "daft cow, probably just got some chuddy, ten Lambert and  tammy in her bag". ~This did make me laugh solely because I hadn't heard the word "tammy" since I was thirteen!

But, unfortunately in these times "tip offs" about possible suicide bombers need to be taken seriously, and I'm grateful the police didn't say "What in Saltburn? Doubt it?" and carried on dotting "i"s and did take it seriously. Their quick reactions made me feel safe. However, I don't think my sister's neighbour, taking her baby onto the beach for the first time ever, would agree, as she was frog marched off by a policeman in a helmet, bullet-proof vest and carrying a gargantuan firearm.

That was bad bonkers, an unusual event that caused a big commotion in a sleepy town. Which was a bit unfortunate as OUR little town had just been hitting the news for a much more favourable reason.
Let me tell you about good bonkers. We have a mystery knitter. Yes you heard me. Someone who knits things and posts them around the town anonymously. We've seen scarves around lamp posts, knitted teddy bears on picnic tables and knitted books outside the library. But the big one, the creme de la creme, the one you might just have seen in the news was the 50 yard masterpiece along the pier to celebrate the 2012 Olympics.

I stole borrowed these pictures from these pictures from the mail online (above) and the telegraph (below), because every time I've popped down to take my own  its been so busy I couldn't get a decent shot! It's like queuing to see the bayeux tapestry down there.

It's a pretty special collection of knitting, and I'm very glad the mystery knitter is gracing our town with their work. Our very own yarn bomber, the type of bomber I welcome with open arms, that's definitely a good kind of bonkers!


  1. I do love the good type of bonkers that sea side towns are famous for - South Shields gave you Geordie Pants Man for goodness sake! Think he was on BGT for putting the most pants on in a time frame? Something like that anyway.

    I do wonder where this scare came from though? Do they have legitimate reasons for thinking someone in Saltburn is capable of doing that?

    Like the juxtaposition though, good quirks, bad quirks xx

    1. Thank you! It's a funny old place! I think the woman had been buying suspicious things from the DIY shop, but that could just be small town gossip, which the place is also very good at!

  2. My partners Grandma went to see the knitted pier the other day. She was telling us about it. I think it might be a Mecca for Nans. I told my Mum and she can't wait to go see it!