Friday, 4 May 2012

Will my kids like my blog?

Ok, so here's the usual blurb... I don't write this blog for anyone else, I write it for myself... blah blah blah... you know the drill.

However... do you think my kids will like it?

Because if that was me, all grown up and 18 and THE blog still existed, I'd probably be like, "Why didn't you do on like AKA MUMA? That's really cool.".

And when they ask me questions about their childhood will they get sick of me saying "I dunno, check the blog" - when really it's just about all the ridiculous things I did.

And they're boys, so they might be all "it's a bit WORDY isn't it? Didn't you ever think of uploading any pictures or those - video things you had back then?"

Maybe I just won't ever show them.

Maybe the Tories will have abolished Blogging, Twitter and all things fun by then.


  1. You think I'm cool. I love

  2. Your blog is what I would have liked to have done when I had only had one child and lots of time.

    Willow is going to LOVE it when she's older!