Friday, 4 May 2012

If my mum had been a mummy blogger

Picture borrowed from HERE

These would have been in the archives:

  • Well that shut her up
                 (Middle child has a tantrum about fried egg, till she gets one flung in her face)
  • The hour long stick dance
                  (Middle child decides she wants to perform a dance with a stick to the whole campsite at the annual campsite meal. It lasts nearly an hour. Lots of politely smiling French people. Cringing parents)
  • Heil Hitler
                  (I told my son (4) son to go to bed. He made a Nazi Salute and shouted "Heil Hitler". I bollocked him and then realised we've probably been watching too much 'Allo 'Allo)
  • How not to pack a caravan
                 (We set off to France in new Caravan. End up on the side of a Motorway, Caravan in a thousand pieces. Badly packed apparently.)
  • There's a rat in the kitchen
                 (Well in the bedroom actually. But, A RAT in our house!. Big drama!)


  1. Firstly, like that quote from Sandra Bullock, secondly I loved the idea about what your mum would write if she'd blogged. Did you really have an egg flung in your face? I am assuming you are the middle child. The stick dance sounded inspired ... Your posts always make me smile.

    1. Oh thank you thank you!

      Re Quote: I googled a quote about "middle" and came across that? I was like "do I like Sandra Bullock?" and realised I didn't relly know much about her, apart from she's a sucessful woman and a Mum so I thought that would do!

      Re Post:. I was going to do at as a linky, but couldn't be aarsed feel free to nick the idea. I'd be honoured.

      Re: Egg - yes! I was a cow!

  2. Brilliant! I'd love to know what my Mum would have written about me. She looks back on my childhood with rose tinted glasses I think. She said I never cried. WHATEVER MUM. It's only since I had Willow, and she became a Grandma, that more of her true memories of new motherhood have come back. I reckon most of her post would be about me people watching to the point that she could leave in one spot, return five minutes later to find me still staring at other people/children. And running away to the end of the road when I was five, which nearly had her calling the police until I popped out from behind a hedge in my nighty - TA DA!

    1. Ha ha! No rose tinted glasses here - just warts 'n' all!