Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today I baked... That'll show him.

We were in Tesco. On a Saturday. Living the dream.

Two aisles from the end he heel turns, with the trolley, and declares "we're done".
"What about the last two? I ask, even though I know exactly what he's playing at.
"There's only biscuits and wine down there." he shrugs
"They are only my two favourite things" I reply. And when he continued in the wrong direction I added:"And you've been jumping on the sweet tooth band-wagon recently. " he stalled "only yesterday you were hunting for a biscuit crumb to have with your tea".
He turned. I had him. And then he twitched and said: "I know Fran. But with all this spare time you've got I've been expecting you to bake"

He smiled.

I smiled.

And time stood still.

There we were, in front of the Bernard Matthew's Turkey Burgers, having a smile off.
Oh I knew he was joking. But it was one of those clever jokes. He was dangling that fishing line just above my smiling lips.

"I'll show him." I thought. "Just you wait sunshine. I'm going to bake like no ones baked before. Bake till his sons know the difference between a torte and a tart... Till those burly boys can make a souffle and decorate cupcakes with iced roses..I'm gonna bake till I take get a rosette for best in show... Till Kirsty Allsop is ringing me up for advice on how to make the perfect scone... Till... "

Well that was the plan.

Until today when me and big child made these.

And we put the choc chips in the flapjack mix before the syrup cooled, so they all melted into a goop. And then slightly overcooked them so I had to "divide them into squares" with a bread knife and a saw action.

But the Victoria Sponge was nice (renamed "strawberry cake" by Little O as that's a much better name for it, obvs).

But, alas, I'm bored of baking now.
It's a bit of a faff on.

And I passed on to big child all my "licking the bowl" techniques, to ensure you get every last scrap of mixture. So I felt my work here was done.

Not to mention how bloody expensive it is! I mean you can pick up a 4 pack of basic biscuits for a quid.
So glad I took his credit card to the shop to buy the flour which had been sifted by angels and the gold flecked cooking chocolate.

That'll show him.


  1. Those cakes look really yummy ..... now you are living the Nigella dream .... only better!. My mouth is watering at that Victoria sponge.

    1. The Strawberry cake was very nice - the flapjacks gave us all jaw ache.

  2. I agree! That Victoria sponge..argh...can you send over a piece please?