Sunday, 29 May 2011

Matching underwear and shaven legs

Before we had children The Future HUsband lay in bed, watching TV, whilst I got dressed. I felt his eyes upon me, as I fumbled in my drawers for something clean to thrown on. "Miss P..." he said pausing before the question.
I turned, to face him "Remember when you used to always wear matching underwear and always had clean shaven legs?"
"Yes darling, it was an act." I reply flatly, looking down at my black lacy bra and pink and grey striped cotton knickers, and noticing, for the first time, two days stubble sprouting on my legs.
"Thought so."

That was before children, after children this...

"Can you just take the pile of washing upstairs?" he shouts from the kitchen. I don't reply, but go to do as I'm told. I stop in front of the washing, startled by what I see - on top there is a black satin bra with huge red flowers and matching knickers edged in lace. Oh they're mine, I just haven't seen them together since I opened them on Christmas day, 18 months ago.
"Hey come look at this" I shout.
He appears at the doorway. I point to the discovery.
"I know I was a bit freaked out when I saw them on the washing line. I thought you might be having an affair."
"I think it's just because we reached the bottom of the washing basket - coincidence they were in the same wash."
"Yeah. That was my second thought." he smiles.
No not having affair, just been doing lots of laundry - yes, I'm afraid I am that dull. Loyal though.

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