Sunday, 1 May 2011

A little bit awkward!

Two things you should know before reading this:

1) My Mum (Nonna) is a woman of the church, a lay reader to be precise.
2) My eldest child (Little O) has to feature in every story you tell him e.g Can you tell you the story of Little O and the three little pigs? (Where Little O is not the big bad wolf, but the eldest and cleverest little pig who built is house out of bricks)

So after a visit to Church with Nonna, Oscar had noticed the statue of Jesus on the cross.

He came home full of questions "Why did Jesus dies on a cross?" and "Why did the bad men nail her there?"

First, I explained that Jesus was a man (but found it interesting that his gender identification is based solely on length of hair considering Jesus’ near nakedness), and then tried to tell the story, in a very child friendly way, without scaring him senseless, of Jesus on the cross. (To be fair I haven't fully explained death to him yet, it's all a little bit dreary for a 3 year old isn’t it?)

After I finished Little O sped off at full speed, a wooden sword in hand, to kill (he doesn't really know what that means either) the naughty men. Moments later he returned, full of thought and poignancy, he snuggled into Nonna on the couch and pulled her comforting arm around his shoulders and said "Nonna,, will you tell me the story of Oscar and Jesus, when they die on the cross and came back to life?"

Nonna, who rarely says "No" to her eldest Grandson didn't want to upset him, but was also worried about tiptoeing into heresy!

We managed to distract him with episodes of He-Man on you tube. He’s been infatuated with princes and swords since the royal wedding – He man was the best I could come up with under pressure, even though he does keep calling him Princess Adam – must be the long hair!

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