Sunday, 27 March 2011

Flipperty Flip Flops!

So spring's here! And the Flip Flops have come back out to play. Actually, a confession first: I have had my new pair since January, lovingly telling them most mornings "not long now"

Each year I wear them earlier and earlier. My feet, having been suffocated by a variety of socks and boots for one of the coldest winters they remember, let out a little yelp of Joy this week as they slipped into something more comfortable. ...And then the inevitable... the cold blooded female in the shop queue eyes my open toes 'Oh, that warm is it?'
"Only for some..." I reply, "you'll take another decade to warm up you frosty crow" I tell her in my head!

After wearing Sketchers tone up boots all winter, I decided to try Reebok's Easy tone - which, so far I like. They don't look as clumpy as some of the other brands and subtly add a bit more height than the regular Flip Flop. Now, whether they are toning or not is a different matter, but just wearing them around the house makes me feel better about gracing the Gym only once this week! 

Unfortunately, having just checked the week's forecast, it seems we may be dipping back into big boot weather - I just don't know if I can face it! The freedom of socks this week has just been bliss - socks alone must add on 10 minutes to leaving the house - and that's just to find a matching pair!

My two children have been adorning Crocs and Sandals this week too! I fear tantrums may be ahead when I have to wriggle them into socks and shoes again! I'll just have to whisper softly, "Not long now!"

Now, if I still had my disposable income I'd be indulging in a dozen pairs of flips for the spring/summer but times are hard - so I've have to pick versatile pairs to match different outfits and outings. With my practical pair sorted, let's shop for the impractical...

Bows are making yet another summer comeback - YAWN!. But, bows on Flip Flops - CUTE!                             

Red? Isn't that versatile, but very trendy!
Black? ...That'll do!
Inspired? Then get your flip flops out! 

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