Monday, 28 March 2011

Too cool to Blog? Not cool enough!

I can't believe this has been here for so long and I've had my eyes kept firmly closed. The world of Blogging! I have come home!

My Mother (wise woman that she is) suggested I should Blog years ago. I turned my nose to her white ceiling and said "no, I don't like it." I was cutting and short, as us daughters can be, and that was enough for her never to mention it again. What I really meant was I knew someone who blogged and I didn't like her, or want to be like her, so I had disregarded it as a pastime - a writer who is dismissive of new ideas - no wonder I'm unpublished!

Now, as I've left my career behind me (temporarily? maybe?) and embarked on full time Motherhood, the passion of writing has once again taken its gruelling hold over me. But the downside is I now try to get paid for things that I would have once done for free... "Can you just check this? Would you just edit this? Can you just write a few words for me on..." I call myself a Freelance writer, but I'm just a writer who doesn't get paid... YET! A writer who doesn't get paid yet.

Anyway in a sweet and delicious nutshell: Blogging - I love it! More than I ever realized I could, and it is frightfully addictive. I am already terrified by how much time I can spend on here when I have thousands of other things I really should be doing! Not only am I now addicted to writing my own, I have fallen head over heels for numerous other blogs.
At first I found one - "oooh I want her life", now I have about five different bloggers (strangers who I feel I know intimately) that I fantasise about being. There's probably another 400 out there. For a neurotic daydreamer and compulsive people watcher this platform is procrastination at its best.

Well it's better than eating cheesecake I tell myself, but I am eating cheesecake. Right now. Mouthful. Type. Think. Daydream. Ponder. Type. Mouthful... you get the idea. And that's another thing the world of Blogging is full of females who are slightly obsessed with cake, or ice-cream, or French butter or some other caloricious delight! I think it’s because they go so well together, we must be all tip tapping on keyboards smeared with grease marks and have cake crumbs nestled between our letters.

Yep Blogging is an inspiration. Already today I've wanted to see more, listen more, write more. I want to live in Paris, I want to ramble in charity shops, I want to take better photos, bake better cakes, customise my own  clothes, try out new hairstyles... must most importantly I want to write about it. And who cares if no ones reading it - I'm enjoying it!

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  1. Hi ya, think we've had similar paths into the world of blogging - in terms of dismissing it then going 'hell for leather' in 2011!

    You're right it is addictive and I'm losing scary amounts of time online already, but do feel more inspired!

    Love your style - it's really relaxed and the funny anecdotes definitely ring true - put that cheesecake down! I'm headed for the freezer and a bowl of Carte D'Or... x