Friday, 25 March 2011

Fashion Nurture....

It seems all the fashion blogs I've been reading are all about the latest fashion trends for clothes horses. Well I'm not a clothes horse. I'm not HUGE either! Size 12 on a good day, Size 16 on a bad - I'm a yo-yo - and my wardrobe needs to provide for this. It needs to be able to make me feel better on a fat day, look even better on a thin day! It has to cope with all my moods and it has to do what any man I've met can't -  take on an irrational woman with PMT and win!

Wouldn't it be lovely just to have somewhere just to get a few ideas on what really suits your moods - not just your shape or your occasion? Clothes have really got to make you feel good and your wardrobe has to be in tune with your insecurities, your desires, your aspirations and your emotions. Fashion defines you, but wouldn't it be good if it nurtured you as well?

My wish list:

For a love yourself day - get your head out your backside and try this dress to show off how fabulous you are today!
Quite a versatile LBD! Dress up dress down? If you have good legs, this would look so cute with flip flops, a red skinny belt and a straw floppy hat  For evening, if you have chunky legs like me I reckon a a bit of haberdashery can turn this into a good night out number - an ivory netting petticoat, pearl necklace and satin ivory sash would create a great contrast with the black ruffles and casual material. High Neutral heals to lengthen pegs. Watch out big boobed girls, it might be a squeeze getting them into the seamed bust area.

"I'm just feeling uggh and want to cover up my uggh buts!"

A wrap skirt for Fat days; wrap skirts are very forgiving. Jersey works for hippy and non hippy girls as it can create more definition - and when nothing else works they will calm you down as you add flip flops and your most flattering vest or slouchy tee! A bow hair band would make it sexy cute too.

Oh look I've reverted to black - oh well I think it never fails to help a mood, you can always lift it with coloured accessories. £40 might seem a bit pricey for a DP dress but I think you could get money out of this one and £28 for a maxi from warehouse is ok really - you know with Warehouse it's going to keep well.

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