Saturday, 3 September 2011

Back on my high horse!

I was listening to Simon Armitage (poet/writer) on the radio yesterday, when he bowled me over by saying "Most of us a born with language as a free gift". I love language; speaking, reading, writing,..

But there are things people say which result in me physically cringing before your eyes.

On my little blog, I vow I will never utter the following phrases.

1. 'Curling one out'

2. 'Jog on'

3. 'You al'right chick?'

4. 'On a proper downer'

5. 'Chillaxing'

6. 'Nearly split his difference'

7. 'Rubbing tummies'

8.  'Lady garden'

9. 'Proper buzzin'

10. 'Coffin dodger'

Please feel free to add your own to the list. Language is a gift, after all!


  1. I quite like lady garden - better than most of the alternatives! I hate LOL used as a spoken word and people who say "I've got a lot of time for [insert name] but...".And 'innit?'

  2. Agree! But I don't have a lot of times for "Lady gardens". It just annoys me that all the euphemisms for women's parts are flouncy and floaty or down right crude - nothing in the middle. Men have "willy" used by everyone, it's funny, affectionate and acceptable for children and adults to use. We get "fanny" which sounds crude and is also used to describe someone who lacks assertiveness. (Whereas I think mine is very assertive!)