Tuesday, 6 September 2011

An auntie's promise.

I've become an auntie; it really is quite special, so much more than I realised.

I always thought I would be an auntie before a Mum. I was terrible with relationships (...before I fell in love.) I never expected to be the first of us to have children.

So I was left waiting, for the auntie status. But when my nephew’s due date got close I worried I might be complacent about this new role, having two boys of my own and another arrival looming. But, alas, I was wrong. I'm uncontrollably smitten. I didn't know you could feel this amount of love for a child that is not your own.

I'm not sure if it's his tiny charm, (all 6lb of it) or my new role as an auntie, but this new relationship has bowled me over.

So my adorable nephew Titch (your blog name may change in time), this is my promise to you...

1. You will always be welcome to come and play with your cousins and I promise when you do I will never smother with you baby wipes or perform the "spit rub".

2. I will be honest about your girlfriends; I have no daughters, therefore I can be objective.

3. I will never burden you with bags of hand-me-down clothes. I'm saving those for number 3.

4. I will search high and low (through Google) to get the best Christmas presents.

5. I will be available, any hour, to give fashion advice. I am an expert on inappropriate school uniform.

6. I will always help you with your English homework and can guarantee it will be the best in the class.

7. I have terrible taste in Music, but if you ever want to go watch Girl's Aloud (or the equivalent in 15 years time) - I'm free!

8. I'll dedicate a one of my books to you (you may have a long wait, I have promised this to a few others too and they are all very much a pipe dream).

9. I will unashamedly play any computer game until I can annihilate you on it - bring it on!

10. If you are ever stuck in a blizzard, after nightclubbing, in the middle of the night with your cousins - I'll come and get you, not tell you to look for a B&B. (take note Mum and Dad!)

But there is one thing I can not promise... I will never be able to keep a secret from your Mother. We're just not built that way. If you have one, then I advise you steer clear of me - may I suggest you go visit one of your uncles.

Meanwhile, amongst all this love I've found time to put some new blogs on Smile Sweetly and Nod.

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