Thursday, 16 June 2011

Let's hear it for the boy!

I have recently found out I will be having a nephew, just a few days after I discovered I had another of The Future Husband's buns in my oven. As a mother of two boys, with a nephew on the way, I'm fully preparing myself for a third boy - it just feels like that's the way it is going to be.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if I found out The Future Husband and took part in medical research to earn extra cash as a student and the conversation went something like this...

Scientist: You do understand all the possible side effects?
The FH: Yeah headaches, sickness, lack of energy - pretty much a hangover right?
Scientist: Well yes, I suppose there are similarities. And the final part of the small print, about possible permanent side effects?
The FH: Oh I didn't read that bit. Can you fill me in?
Scientist. Well, there is a chance that it could effect your sperm chromosomes, on a permanent basis. You would still be fertile, but there is a high percentage it could stop you producing the 'X' chromosome.
The FH: And in Layman's Terms?
Scientist: If that happens it would mean you wouldn't be able to father a little girl... only boys.
The FH: Bonus! Where do I sign?

Actually, on a serious note, The FH has a theory this one IS going to be a girl, when asked to explain his theory he said, "Well I've worked out when we probably conceived, and I think I was being a bit gay around then, a bit sensitive. I mean I watched that Notebook film with you didn't I?"
"Right then, I better put that one out on the Internet, there's a lot of women out there changing their diet and timing the conception in vain. Little do they know, they just need to get the partner to watch a Musical, buy some metra-sexual face products and bake a few cupcakes and they're on to a sure thing!"

Here are some of my favourite quotes about bringing up boys. They're pinched from friends, family, colleagues and any other parents who I've crossed paths with...

"Patrick is like a Springer Spaniel, he's fine once he's been taken out for a couple of hours"

"The postman found my brother hanging from his bedroom window sill - he wanted to see where the raindrops went."

“We had a house full of guests and my 4 year old was sat playing with his cars. He was taking the tyres on and off, a guest asked what he was doing, he said “I’m a mechanic.” He asked him if it was a hard job to which he replied “It’s an absolute bastard.”

“I answered the door one day to a Neighbour who said “Did you know your two boys are playing on the roof?”

“One of my favourite memories of my son is when he had chicken pox; he was lovely, it really took the edge off him.”

“At four years old, my son, who has two older sisters, asked when he was going to turn into a girl. I told him that they haven’t worked out a way to do that yet.”

“He wriggles out of harnesses, breaks down stair-gates and dismantles child locks. This boy will not be restrained.”

“No he’s not hungry he ate a play group; he’s had sand, paint and chalk.”

“One afternoon my son came home from playing out and told me they’d found a lion’s head in a cardboard box. I gave him a lecture about telling lies. He told me to follow him, where he took me to some wasteland where there was indeed a lion’s head in a cardboard box. The police found its body in a bigger box a 100 yards away.”

In conclusion, I have two boys, I’m preparing myself for the possibility of a third, when it comes to bringing up boys this is what I know:
If you have a pack of baby wipes and a spare outfit with you, anything is achievable.


  1. Haha, so true..we're in the midst of discovering the joys of boys! after 3 girls its a bit of a shock!!! Congratulations though to you and the fh ;)

  2. Thank you Aine - I wouldn't change them but my God they get up to mischief! At the moment I can't go a morning without finding a die cast car at the bottom of my cup of tea.